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The Wags team consists of the best local experts from St Andrews across the hospitality, leisure and golfing industries all dedicated to making your trip to the home of golf as memorable as possible. Together we provide our clients with the exclusive, hassle free experience that suits all kinds - whether they be golfers or non-golfers!

How Wags Tours got started?

"St. Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife, is promoted every year as a golfing mecca, with the Dunhill Championship, and then every five years with the British Open. This is the perfect time for the whole world to see the beautiful courses and the stunning scenery, but what Wags Tours endeavour to show, to all its clients, is how much more St Andrews has to offer beyond golf.

It is the long-suffering wives and girlfriends of golfers, who prefer not to be out on the wonderful courses that surround this beautiful town, that Wags Tours cater for whether they are individuals or in groups. We show our clients that even though St Andrews is a premier destination of choice for golf, there is so much more to offer! Believe us it?s true!

St. Andrews and the Kingdom of Fife

Forth Rail Bridge

We have stunning coastlines and striking architecture that provide the visitor with a rare and unforgettable experience. St Andrews is steeped in history, from the medieval town centre to the ruined cathedral. Accommodation is friendly and of a consistently high standard, and there is, quite simply, plenty to do.


St Andrews is a matchless blend of past and present. As a town it has no equal in Scotland.

Its ecclestiacal connections began as early as 747; the burgh came into being about 1144; the University, the first in Scotland, began in 1411. Golf was a recognised game there in 1552.The history of St Andrews is crowded with incidents which punctuate the cavalcade of Scottish history and the growth of Scottish institutions and culture. The names of famous prelates, martyrs and reformers and their deeds are to be found in all quarters of the town.

Take a tour that fits your style and complete your knowledge of this magical corner of Scotland.

St Andrews, in the Kingdom of Fife, is an exceptionally beautiful part of Scotland. All our partners consist of the best vetted suppliers of accommodation, outdoor activities, golf, golf-tuition and hospitality. All are dedicated to making your trip to the home of golf as memorable as possible. Why not let me share some of what St.Andrews and Scotland has to offer with you!

Kate Travers, Director
Wag Tours St Andrews Ltd.